Selection criteria for betting on football

September 25, 2021
By Jamie-Lee Spooner
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On the basis of such analytics it will be much easier for you to make potential decisions connected with your further game. As always, however, we would like to remind you that before making a concrete decision, it is worth considering several aspects. This is because they form the basis of the topic we are trying to address for you here. It is, of course, first of all about choosing the right operator with whom to open an account. This decision is extremely important and in order to save you from having to open multiple accounts every now and then, we suggest that you carefully check a few well-known and popular sports betting sites. On the basis of an analysis of the odds or bookmaker promotions you will make a decision which will be much more effective. In combination with the list of factors that we will give you below you will gain absolute certainty that the choice was good and your game satisfactory. There is usually only one form to fill in during the registration process and once your details have been verified, it’s a good idea to make a payment right away and take advantage of the available bonuses. The first deposit bonus is the first one you will come across. It is basic and therefore worth paying attention to. The basic arrangements are important, as well as all the terms and conditions that we will face.

Bonus rules and their consequences


Bookmakers usually have a lot of requirements for the funds we will collect in this way. Don’t skip any point, because it may even have an impact in the end on the loss of all the bonuses obtained. However, we should start with what such a proposal entails. With a deposit of a certain amount we usually receive a doubling of our money. This means that in case of a deposit we may get even 100 or 200% of the base rate. This parameter is variable and depends on which site you landed on. It is worth reviewing a few specific positions to find the ones that will suit you best. Sometimes it can be as little as 50%, but for example up to many times the amount. Free cash is never refused, so let’s get started with the right nudge. Bonus cash in the form of a cash top-up is also possible here. This is an equally apt and nice thing for online operators to do. It works on similar principles as the first deposit bonus, but usually applies to smaller amounts of money. Some offer this action even once a week, so you gain funds for almost every football game or other sport you happen to prefer. The percentage situation is also slightly smaller, but considering the simple rules, it’s still a free add to your account that beginners and advanced players alike will benefit from. You don’t have to agree to the bonus of course, but the contraindications for such action are actually minimal.

Selection criteria in football betting

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The main strategy consists of selected bets and combinations from single events. It also counts for any safe tips that may possibly dissuade you from the intention of betting on a dangerous type. The probability of winning in the long run is extremely high here and without a doubt, based on this analysis, you have the best chances for final success. So what tips should you take into account?

International tournaments: These include tournaments such as the Champions League, USDopa League, World and USDopean Championships and similar. This is especially true in the preliminary round. It is played by the clear favourites and the outsiders who have little or no chance of success. In this case, we focus exclusively on teams where the class difference is huge and the probability of a different result than victory would be perceived as a sensation,

The last phase of the season: This assumption refers to the last five league rounds, just before the end of the season. In this phase, there are teams fighting for the championship and the USDopean cups, and there are also teams in strong defence against relegation. Matches between teams fighting for specific goals are completely out of the question because of the great unpredictability involved. Often, the last team can rise to the occasion only to stay in the league at the expense of their own health. The situation is different in meetings where the potential leader plays against a team that is no longer fighting for anything – then it is worth adding such a type to your bet,

Sports betting providers: Here it is mostly about playing on very unpopular events, usually taking place outside USDope. From time to time there are really interesting odds on the leaders of a given league, but their main purpose in the offer is a kind of sightseeing for the bettor, who chooses the option without knowing anything about it. We definitely avoid such events. Ignore weak leagues,

Cup games are considered too dangerous and if you value certain types, cups should be avoided, the reason being again the huge unpredictability and the possibility of a team from the lower leagues winning,

Taking the class of the goalkeeper into consideration: Some teams as guests play a very defensive style, focused on defence and single counter attacks. A 0:0 result would be a great success for them. It is then necessary to analyse the goalkeeper’s effectiveness,

Do not play in the rain: As statistics show, playing in the rain proves to be very unpredictable and the favourites perform much worse than normal in such conditions.

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