A couple of important considerations when playing at an online casino

October 25, 2021
By Jamie-Lee Spooner
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Tricks to getting a bonus


If you got lucky and won the $200 bonus, congratulations! But it will be fulfilled at this point if the bonus conditions require the winnings to be wagered. In that case, you will need to play 200 x 25 = $5,000 at the casino before you can withdraw your winnings.

As you can see, the differences are big, and the casino that sets its terms is not necessarily illegal. It’s up to you to agree to accept the bonus and its accompanying wagering requirements, withdrawal limits, maximum bets, validity and other conditions.

Sometimes a good-looking advantage of one bonus over another at first glance may result in a greater number of clicks that need to be met before you can cash out your potential winnings.

Beware of unjustified fees and rejected withdrawal requests

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Our final tip on what to look out for in order to avoid being scammed, or simply to avoid feeling scammed, is to only use known payment methods and a secure SSL connection to make deposits and withdrawals.

Also, only transfer money when you are logged into your gaming account, so it is clear who paid whom and for what.

Trusted casinos have a player-based account history that you can see for yourself. Keep track of your deposits and withdrawals, if you spot an account transaction you don’t recognise, report it to your online casino and payment provider immediately. As well as gaming accounts being hacked, we have heard many horror stories of casinos refusing to pay out and withholding not only the money deposited by the player, but also the winnings they have claimed. If the casino is not licensed, the player is completely on his own in this situation. Even filing a criminal complaint is of little help if you cannot determine which country has jurisdiction over the site.

Whether that country’s police even want to take action is another matter. Avoid unpleasant surprises by playing only at licensed casinos.

The free fees and costs of payment processing, withdrawal times and payment requirements listed in the terms of use should not be confused with attempted fraud. Many online casinos process withdrawal requests and depending on the payment method your bank may add a few more business days. So don’t go to court straight away if a withdrawal isn’t immediately in your account or you’ve been charged a small fee, as this is probably related to the payment method you’re using so it’s worth reviewing the best payment methods beforehand!

It is also sometimes the case that a withdrawal request may be rejected for some reason if you have not verified your account or met the wagering requirements. Remember our first tip about the importance of reading the terms of service? Only if a problem arises and the casino’s customer service does not reply to your messages and it has been, for example, two weeks since the problem arose, then in our opinion it is time to take more drastic action and contact the licensor.

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