Online casino cheated me, where to report it

November 25, 2021
By Jamie-Lee Spooner
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It’s time to gather evidence

Among the evidence that can be presented in case of contact with the authorities or a licensee are:

  • Authentic screenshots of usernames.
  • Email messages.
  • Customer service chat history.
  • Transaction history.

Of course, the rules vary depending on your country and the casino regulator.

First, talk to customer support

Before you take the step and file a notice it’s worth giving credit to the online casino’s innocence. Therefore, before going to any authority, casino bonus team recommends talking to the customer service department.

Players would be surprised how many problems can be solved with a 5-minute chat.

When contacting the Customer Service team, it is important to state your case, provide evidence and, if possible, list all the relevant laws and regulations that apply to your case. At this point, the Casino Bonus team recommends that you leave embarrassment aside and use the phone line, where available, or chat where you can have a live chat

Contact the regulator

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One of every gambler’s nightmares: the online casino doesn’t respond to our attempts to contact them and seems to want to keep the money fraudulently. Fortunately, we have a lot of experience with this type of difficult operators, so we recommend to remain calm and go directly to the regulator if in fact your attempts to contact them are unsuccessful and there is no response or willingness to settle the matter amicably.

Note that the seals of the regulatory bodies usually appear at the bottom of casino websites and share a list of the most well-known entities:

  • UK Gaming Commission.
  • Malta Gaming Authority. MGA
  • CuraƧao Gaming Commission.
  • Spanish Gaming Authority.
  • Preparing the case before the regulator

The moment of truth has arrived. At this point, every interested player should have enough, or at least plenty of evidence, including screenshots, messages and chats, to properly report a rogue operator.

The regulatory authorities take complaints from players about licensed operators very seriously and therefore request the following information:

  • Personal data of the aggrieved party (name, surname, identification number, country, username).
  • Name of the online casino against which the complaint was made.
  • The game played at the casino where the problem occurred.
  • Amount of money in dispute.
  • The date on which the events took place.
  • Description of what happened in the incident.

Evidence in attachments

The more complete the report, the better. Regulators have several channels for receiving user reports, including a web form and a physical address.

The regulators work hard to resolve all complaints, although it can take several weeks to respond. Casino Bonuses explains that you should not lose your nerve or behave rudely, be patient as they are sure to reply, sometimes it may just take some time although we know it is not an ideal arrangement. What may help is to draw attention to the matter directly on the regulators’ websites and include more evidence if requested.

After a thorough investigation the regulator may come to one of these conclusions

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In favour of the complainant:

  • The regulator sets a deadline for the online casino to compensate the rights of the injured party. If the casino fails to comply, it could be in serious trouble.

In favour of the casino:

  • it is possible that this is not a well-founded case. We emphasise here once again how important it is to collect and present the necessary evidence as soon as we start to sense that we may have a problem

Referral to the competent authority:

  • Sometimes the regulator does not have the power to mediate certain contractual issues, so may refer the matter to a specialist tribunal.

Dismissal of the complaint for lack of evidence:

  • In short, one of the worst outcomes. It is therefore very important to have as much support as possible to back up the case.

In a nutshell, this is what to do if you have used a licensed casino and you feel cheated, you cannot withdraw your money, your winnings are not recognised and the casino avoids contact or deliberately and without any basis for doing so, avoids paying you your money.

The our team constantly monitors the situation of the casinos offered on our sites and monitors online forums in order to avoid promoting casinos that behave unfairly towards players, so you can feel safe in choosing one of the casinos promoted on our sites!

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