Betting on late goals

August 25, 2021
By Jamie-Lee Spooner
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That is why we want to present you with a strategy for betting on late goals, i.e. those between 76 and 90 minutes. It is a very engaging topic and, as the statistics show – effective. Therefore, you should read the whole text and try to implement it right away. But before we get to that, we will present you the basic issues on which you can count in almost every bookmaker you come across.

What should I consider when choosing a bookmaking site ?

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Before each of you moves on to betting, you should make an extremely important decision directed at the choice of the site, to which you will entrust your personal data and financial means. In spite of appearances the decision is not simple here, because it should be based on many different facts. Good bookmakers are those that offer the highest odds, settle coupons very quickly and also reward players with valuable promotions. None of these aspects can be neglected, because they all help us to implement the strategy in question. As for the amount of odds, they are here the key to the final success. Therefore, it is worth comparing even a dozen sites known to us – e.g. 10 legal bookmakers – and then direct ourselves to the one which offers the maximum odds in the league that interests us directly. The field of action should be narrowed down to the topic we are interested in, because it may happen that a given company has a better offer, but not for all leagues and disciplines, which is also worth mentioning. There are also promotions. Betting on late goals is based on simple assumptions, however, we can support them with bonuses. It can be a bonus from the first deposit (even up to over a thousand dollars!), cash top-ups, freebets for a good start or cash back and affiliate or loyalty programs and VIP. Each and every one of these factors contributes to longer gameplay, higher stakes or potentially huge winnings, we can’t forget about that. So with all these elements in mind we will give an overview of the strategy. What teams does it apply to and how does it increase our chances of final success? We explain!

Strategy for ultimate success

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The strategy is considered simple, as it is based simply on studying the statistics. Some sports betting sites provide direct statistics for all teams in a given league on their website. However, if you don’t have this option, be sure to check out sports betting sites that provide all the numbers you might be interested in. Another advantage is the fact that you won’t need too much money to start winning properly. The strategy is designed for all types of players, from beginners, to developmental and veteran players, or high rollers who only play for large amounts of money.

The first goal of every player here will be to get to the teams that are characterised by high wins, where the goal difference is usually significant. Of course, these are the favourites, whose victory is calculated from the very beginning, and any result other than their high victory should be treated as a big surprise. This is what the statistics page we mentioned above is needed for. The standard odds for the victory of such a team oscillate around 1.30 or even less. When selecting a match, make sure to go to the additional bets tab, i.e. those outside the basic ones such as handicap or classic 1 X 2, which you will find on the main betting site. Then choose a bet on the last goal being scored between 76-90. Some bookmaker sites may have it written differently, but what matters in the end is the time frame in which the last goal is scored. Then the odds increase significantly, even in the case of favourites. In such a case it even reaches a factor of 1.93, which definitely improves the starting 1.30 we have already written about. This type is offered almost always, for every main game, not only because of the Champions League or the World Cup, but also in USDopean leagues and leagues from other continents, so it is worth watching and analyzing the whole thing from the angle indicated by us. If you play this way, the chances of a final victory are 59.26% from the general calculations of the strategy maker. Losses oscillate within the limits of 40.74%, which makes the total net profit show us the limit of 14.89% (where the betting values are included, the whole investment). Taking into account the constantly growing income we can monitor potential further bets and adjust the stakes to our – greater possibilities. Promotions turn out to be useful here as well, based on which you will gain sometimes even twice as much money, which you can also realize on a given game.


Please note that this strategy works only with single tickets, the so-called singles. It is absolutely forbidden to combine them and create a combination, because it decreases the chances of success and makes the coupon much less likely to succeed. There are no exceptions to the strategy and it has to be followed in full, sticking to the predetermined rules. In this way a high winning percentage will be maintained, which after all will be your goal. Don’t forget to analyse each selected team in detail. A great example of wins of this kind is Paris Saint-Germain of Ligue1, among others.

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