Mind-Blowing Innovations In The Online Gambling World. What 2022 Will Bring Us?

December 21, 2021
By Jamie-Lee Spooner
In Tips
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Despite the fairly good development of the gambling industry, more and more new inventions appear every year. In 2021, more crypto casinos were created and the first full-fledged VR establishments were launched. However, in 2022, more amazing discoveries await players. According to experts, in 2022 the online gambling industry will change dramatically: there will be a large number of cool innovations, more interesting platforms, and games.

In this article, we will list the main things you should keep an eye for. Moreover, we are going to describe innovations that have been already tested and are waiting for an official launch in 2022. 

Further development of VR technologies

As many people know, Meta (the company that owns Facebook and Instagram) has announced that it is moving towards the integration of VR, AR technologies in online casinos. This means that more VR online casinos will be launched in 2022. And it’s logical to assume that they will be much better optimized.

By the way, the legalization of gambling in new countries (which is also predicted) will lead to the emergence of new sites (including VR casinos). As a result, the development of competition will spur the creators of gambling sites to offer better bonuses and a larger list of payment methods.

Crypto Casinos Will Take Over The Market

As you all know, cryptocurrencies are no longer a new phenomenon in the online gambling industry. There are dozens of online casinos and providers that accept cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, and many others. Statistics show that this method of depositing and withdrawing funds is gradually becoming the most popular among players at BetChan and other venues. Thus, there will appear new platforms in 2022 that will surely attract thousands of customers. 

Gambling On SmartWatches

Gambling On SmartWatches

The ability to place bets through smartwatches appeared back in 2014, but no one could have imagined how successful this idea would turn out! Currently, the market for smartwatch-optimized games is worth several billion dollars. Not bad, huh? Global changes await this industry in 2022: more games, cooler graphics, better interfaces, and so on. Therefore, make sure to buy a smartwatch as it looks like tons of good stuff will appear soon.

Better Live Games

You’ve probably heard of casino live games or even tried playing them before. But if you didn’t, we should describe them quickly. So, live games offer classic table and card games in real-time and are broadcast via 4K online streams to your device. They are usually hosted by professional dealers and boast high bet limits and immersion in the gameplay. On the other hand, many gamblers still bypass live sections, not being satisfied with the quality of games. That’s why online casinos owners have decided to add some new features in their live pages.

Thus, in 2022 there may appear cooler live games on the market. Interactive elements will be improved and interesting features such as new multipliers and bonus games will be added. The developers will release games that look more like TV shows than classic casino games. Obviously, adding new interactive elements and improving streaming will further improve the overall experience.

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