How to use ecoPayz to bet online

May 25, 2021
By Jamie-Lee Spooner
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ecoPayz, although it does not focus entirely on bookmakers, knows perfectly well that its online services represent a huge advantage for all punters. That is why ecoPayz, due to many partnerships, is currently one of the options that bookmakers most recommend.  

This is because, apart from being safe, as at no time online casinos or betting sites will have access to your banking or credit card information, you will be able to connect your ecoPayz account to your physical card. 

Furthermore, every time you try to make a deposit or withdrawal, with ecoPayz the casino or bookmaker will automatically redirect you to your ecoPayz account. Only after performing the two mandatory security steps, your transfer is confirmed.  

That is a huge advantage because, as with Paypal for example, in ecoPayz you don’t even need to have your account open at the moment you are making the payment or withdrawal, because you will automatically be redirected to accept or reject it.  

Is it safe to make payments and withdrawals with ecoPayz?

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It is proven that it is safer to make online payments with your ecoPayz e-wallet than with your credit card or by bank transfer. This is possible because, in addition to ecoPayz being regulated by the major institutions, your account here will never display your banking information to any other site, such as the bookmakers.  

All this security is possible because at this moment, and as it is happening with most of the electronic and virtual wallets, ecoPayz works with encryption technology, meaning that it is impossible for anyone to gain access to your account. The level of security is military and, therefore, at all times, your money and your information are completely safe.  

Understand how to easily create your ecoPayz account

Creating your ecoAccount is a very simple and quick process, and you will only have to follow these steps in order to use it 100%:  

Access and search for the register option, and you will then be asked to fill in all your personal information 2.

Prove your identity, as it is an electronic wallet and online transfers with real money.

Connect your bank account or credit card to your ecoAccount to start enjoying all the benefits.

If you wish, you can request physical or even virtual cards, if you want to make virtual payments alone and with total security  

Can I have as many Paysafecards as I want?

It’s important to understand that with Paysafecards, you can only pay, for one code, 100 reals each time. However you can request up to 5 to 10 PIN’s per location, depending very much on the policy of each retail outlet.  

However, at this point, there is no maximum limit to the number of times you can buy Paysafecards, not even their value. You might only have limits if you use your Paysafecard account to make withdrawals from online sportsbooks, for example.  

Paysafecard commissions for online gambling

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As it is a prepaid code, and therefore the online sportsbooks will not receive any commissions, you may have to pay a small commission for withdrawals, but sometimes also for payments, because you are using Paysafecard as a method.

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