January 25, 2022
By Jamie-Lee Spooner
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For the first time in more than 30 years, the Canadian men’s soccer team has a chance to qualify for the world cup. The squad consists of young talent with impressive statistics and resumes. As time goes on, these players are going to develop even further, so the chances of the Canadian team look promising. Let’s look at each and every player and their journey so far. For these players, it took a lot of courage to put everything into football. However, the bet seems to be paying off. If you also like to test your luck, you can try playing on Bizzo Casino.

Alphonso Davies

Alphonso Davies

This impressive young man played his first professional game when he was just 15. Now he is the primary left-back for one of the biggest clubs in Europe. Alphonso seems to handle the physical and mental pressure very well. His story is truly inspiring. 

The Davies family had to endure a lot of hardships before settling in Canada. Their home country, Liberia, was devastated by the civil war, so they had to flee to Canada as refugees. Alphonso first trained with other minors in Edmonton. Eventually, he transferred to Vancouver Whitecaps when he was just about 15. His work ethic and natural talent did not go unnoticed. Soon enough, he played his first match in Major League Soccer.

Alphonso decided to represent on an international level. He could’ve chosen Liberia but chose the country he grew up in instead. Soon after, the coach of the Canadian national team called him up to make his debut. Since then, during the past four years, Alphonso has exceeded even the most optimistic expectations. Right now, he plays for Bayern FC, and he has already impressed football fans with his technique. Even those who aren’t fans of Bayern FC look at him with admiration. It is extremely rare to display such a talent at a young age.

Jonathan David

This is another young player with an interesting backstory. Jonathan wasn’t born in Canada, he was born in NY. He spent his early years in Haiti, where his parents lived. Once he turned six, the family finally settled down in Ottawa. Once he started playing, it was clear that he had an immense promise. Scouts noticed his talent early and he received many offers to join one of the clubs in Major League Soccer. Still, Jonathan chose to play for a European team instead. He tried for KAA gent and cut.

Jonathan didn’t have many difficulties scoring for the Belgian side. Then he attracted the attention of French club Lille. He was quickly integrated into the team and soon enough, he was scoring goals for them. That year, Lille won the first League 1 in the history of the club. The striker is still very young and has a bright future ahead of him. In a few years, he could easily be a big-name star like Lewandowski or Cavani. Jonathan displayed that he is willing to work to achieve his goals. As long as he can manage to stay fit, there will be no stopping him.

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