Upcoming Exhibitions

Invisible Horizons  

David Evans

February 6-February 26 2018

Opening Reception: February 6th, 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm

Painting, Photography, Video

Based on an exhibition held in January 2017 while studying as an international student at the University of Fine Arts in Poznań, in Poland.

This work is about the ambiguous connections we have to our environment in the context of perception, experience and memory. While we live in a given time and in a particular place, our awareness is often, but not necessarily, limited by that specific moment or site. The selection of juxtaposed images and sound addresses the unexpected ways in which associations and memories are generated.

These images both combine and confront each other, creating an emotionally charged but invisible line where they meet. This line is like a horizon — it retreats as quickly as it is approached.


pArticipate Poster Competition

March 1-15, 2018

The 5th pARTicipate Poster Competition with its theme focused on the Arts and Humanities is an invitation to celebrate and promote disciplines that explore and evaluate the many ways people express, define and understand themselves, each other and the world. The strength of this branch of study is in encouraging intellectual curiosity, reflection, critical inquiry, cultural understanding, discovery and collaboration. Skills learned in the Arts and Humanities such as imaginative response, innovative problem solving, interpretation and argumentation are valuable in a wide range of jobs especially in this century characterized by rapid change and modern concerns.

For more information and to download the PDF submission forms please visit: https://www.ufv.ca/visual-arts/participate-/



Diploma Show

March 19-April 6, 2018


BFA Grad Show

Apr 27 – May 18

Opening Night: April 27, 2018 Friday @ 6:30 PM

Every year members of the University of the Fraser Valley, and its surrounding community, come together to support a culturally enriching experience in the Visual Arts Department: the BFA Grad Show.

Participating Artists: TBA