Writers Retreat

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Writers Retreat


Mitch Huttema

Date Created



Film (runtime approx. 20mins)

Artist Statement

Ezra, a young freelance writer, attempts to remedy emotional turmoil by moving to a small and remote trailer and burying himself in his work. Keeping himself obsessively busy, he ultimately becomes an obstacle to his own progress. Seeking every chance to pin his struggle on issues like his poor cell reception, his distractions and pre-occupations begin to cause him challenges in finding connection with others.

Filmed in a single day, Writers Retreat features twelve scenes shot from six perspectives within the trailer. The film was produced on a micro-budget utilizing the expertise of the artist’s friends, all of whom made this production possible through their generosity.

As the film was produced on a micro-budget, it represents the coming together of donated time, resources and talents of friends of the artist and the production would not have been possible without their contributions.




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