Past Exhibitions (44 total)

Multiples - Summer 2015

A collaborative project Installed by Sculpture Students in VA 116: Space, Form & Time.


Both Sides of Now


The 2015 UFV Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition.

(Mis) Interpretation: Sikh Feminisms in Representations, Texts and Lived Realities

Misrepresentation Poster.jpg

The Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies, with support from the Visual Arts Department at UFV and UFV International Presents an upcoming exhibition entitled: (Mis)Interpretation: Sikh Feminisms in representations, texts and lived realities.

2016 BFA Silent Auction‌


All proceeds will go to BFA Grad Exhibitions and VA scholarship. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

In Search of a Home

Alyssa Peleshytyk.jpg

Exhibition of Works from the UFV Permanent Art Collection

Backstreet Chengdu

Backstreet Chengdu Poster.jpg

Backstreet Chengdu is a series of paintings by Shelley Stefan, UFV Associate Professor and Department Head of Visual Arts. In 2014, Stefan travelled to Chengdu, China to participate in a Faculty Exchange with the Fine Arts College of Sichuan Normal University.


Interdependence_Exhib_Photo copy.jpg

Sculpture by Katherine Strand and Kaylee Stamm


Reverence And The Underbelly

0U4A0604 copy.jpg

From mixed feelings of deep respect tinged with awe, to the hidden unpleasantries of humanity, artists Chrissy Courtney, Chantelle Fawcett and Megan Naples collectively present contemporary, two dimensional works and installations.

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Don't Be Afraid

DBA Poster jpg

The 2016 UFV Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition.


Screengasm 2.jpg

An exhibition of screen-based art in an environment where the screen takes over the viewing space.



A series of paintings by Dennis Greer, UFV Visual Arts Sessional Faculty member. 


Multiples - Fall 2016

Multiples Fall 2016 Poster small.jpg

Collaborative student installations from VA116: Space, Form and Time.

Out of the Office


The 2017 Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition, Out of the Office, showcases the diverse approaches and research going into art production at UFV.

Multiples - Winter 2015

VA116 POSTER .jpg

Collaborative student installations from VA116: Space, Form and Time.

Ready and True: India and the Great War

READY & TRUE Poster.jpg

Through selected archival photographs, art work, and written accounts, “Ready and True” showcases the almost forgotten contribution of approximately 1.7 million Indian soldiers and non-combatants to the Great War. 


Lens of Empowerment: Tel i’tsel Kwe’lo (I Am From Here)

LoE Poster.jpg

A collective exhibition by student artists in the Lens of Empowerment Project and Community Arts Practice with Visual Arts Instructor Stephanie Gould, Tel i’tsel Kwe’lo (I Am From Here) explores identity, land, place and citizenship through women’s stories, lived experiences, intergenerational and intercultural points of view.



The 2015 UFV Visual Arts Diploma exhibition presents a diverse selection of inventive works including 2D and 3D, conceptual, inter-disciplinary, new media and multimedia practices.



An exhibition of commissioned artworks by Jean Brundrit (South Africa), Nina Mangalanayagam (England) and Sarah Ciurysek (Canada) about Lens of Empowerment themes: women, identity, and place.


Stasis 2015 Exhibition Image.jpg

Sculpture Works Exhibition 

BFA Silent Auction


A chance to bid on affordable artworks created by students, alumni, faculty and local artists-the annual BFA Silent Auction raises money for this year's Visual Arts Graduates.

Through a Pinhole...

Photo Poster Vertical.jpg

Works of pinhole photography by students of VA384, Feb 28 to March 10.



The annual Visual Arts Department exhibition showcases student work from Diploma Grads in a range of media.



The 2017 UFV Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition.

testing ground: primary process made visible


Brenda Fredrick Exhibition

Women of Africa

Charlene Sepellius 600H.jpg

VA 421 Directed Study: Painting and Drawing

Sidi Chen & Paige Caldwell

Caldwell, Paige_Figure 600H .jpg

Multiples - Fall 2017

VA116 Multiples Poster F_2017 Web 600.jpg



Deep Sea Changes

DSC_0858 600w.jpg


Visual Arts Silent Auction




Horizons is an exhibition of photography, paintings, and video which explores relationships of natural and artificial, experience and memory, past and future, and any other horizons that may come to mind.

pARTicipate Poster Competition

Rodchenko poster-WEB.jpg

Alone in Wonder


Visual Arts Diploma Show 2018



Interpret Creative and Performing Arts Festival

Edges of light

The Bridge of Trysts 800 w.jpg

Don't Tell Me, Show Me!

IMG_3065 web.jpg

Les Fantasmes De La Flore

MHildebrandt_Fantasmes_poster web.jpg

Design School



Remains_Multiples Poster 2018.jpg

VA 116 Multiples

Collaborative Student Exhibition

Opening Reception Tues. December 4, 5-7 pm.

Exhibition continues until Dec 7.

Taking Form

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UFV Permanent Art Collection

Collections Exhibit Poster web.jpg

All Things In Sight